Life as an evacuee in WW2

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Many children were evacuated in WW2. Nearly 20 million children were. The People who were not evacuated were kept Underground and Piccadilly Circus was one of the many underground stations that had many people in it. Children were lucky if they got evacuated to the countryside in order to keep children safe.

Why were the children evacuated?

Children were evacuated so they would be safe. During WW2 cities became dangerous places to be when Germany bombed it. And they would get bombed if they stayed in places like London.

Where were the children evacuated?

Children were evacuated to the countryside if not kept underground to keep them safe. Some children were excited and others scared, worried and even some were angry.

What did children think of being evacuated?

Some children felt really worried and very happy some of them felt sad to leave their mum and it felt horrible and Joyful at the same time.

Did the children miss home?

Most of the children were worried in case their mum would not be alive or if their house was destroyed or if any of their family or friends have died or were injured.